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DJ D.O.S. :  who he is...

A seasoned PROFESSIONAL 35 year vet in the music "business" : From Billboard Producer / Remixer to iHeart radio and FM Mixshow Dj, Pete Othman aka Dj D.O.S. has accomplished more than he ever wished for since the day he scratched a 45 on the turntable section of the family entertainment console over the music playing on Soul Train from the TV.

   At the age of 13 years old ; Pete started his mobile DJ company named "Dimensions Of Sound" and parties were coming in from everywhere - school-house-block and eventually into the clubs by 16 years old. In the clubs , the name "Dj Pete"  didn't sit well with him and then took the initials of the company and "D.O.S." was born. 

   The day his high school friend known as TOY invited him to a studio session for a song called "SLAM JAM" and asked him to lay some scratches down- the experience in that studio was all he needed to know what his passion as a DJ was evolving into.

   At age 20, He was a partner in Imperial Prestige Records where he leaned much of the Music Business and eventually formed his own label ( surprisingly named ) D.O.S. Records.  

   After several releases, D.O.S. Records has evolved into what is now known as LEV3L^UP Media Group: a multi platform company which deals in Music, video and movies. 


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